Our ecological impact

The Serre de Portelas campsite gives a prime place to ecology and respect of nature in each of its activities and for the services proposed on the campsite.

The association is committed to a sustainable development approach in various areas.

Water :

Installation of an autonomous « bio-aquitaine » treatment plant

Sanitary facilities equipped with thermostatic valves

Rainwater storage equipments watering the garden

Drip watering system for the garden.

Reasonable purchases :

Local products, local currency

Camping naturist La Serre de Portelas

Waste management :

Practice of waste sorting, composting.

Camping naturist La Serre de Portelas

Energy :

Installation of a heat pump to heat and maintain the temperature of the pool water.

Insect hotel :

To help biodiversity, we offer shelter to garden auxiliaries: bumblebees, wasps, butterflies, ladybugs, pollinators, and natural predators/antagonists of vegetable garden and orchard pests.

Camping naturist La Serre de Portelas
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